Nargol Story

AMIR Asgarian

Founder & Manager

I’m graduated in Tourism management. I have been working in tourism since 200x. Currently, I manage and plan the Nargol team. My goal is a friendly and different stay for Nargol guests.People’s best moments are when they are traveling. I have always wanted to help them feel better and to be able to give them warm welcome. To show the Iranian hospitality tradition and provide a different, special moment for them.


Founder & Executive Manager

my name is Forouzan. I warmly welcome you to our home, Nargol House.
Being interested in designing made me do all designing projects in Nargol guesthouse. I am a passionate home cook, which reflects in the presentation and taste of our breakfast, lunch and dinner offer. Next to running the reception, I provide all entertaining programs for our guests and ensure of an enjoyable time for you here.


Team Member

My name is Fatima. I would love to invite you to my own home in Isfahan for an evening of good fun. I will cook a delicious Iranian dinner. We can share stories, play games and laugh and dance together.One of my passions is handicraft, such as making traditional handbags, traditional dolls, and jewelry like necklace and earrings. I will guide you through the workshops that we offer.
I’m looking forward to meet you.


Team Member

My name is Pourya. I am a student of literature. Love learning languages, especially French. Explore Esfahan with me and see what others missed. And I create a good memory for you.


Team Member

My name is Javad. The official tour guide of Iran who takes tourists to all parts of Iran (as a driver guide as well). But I also work as a local tour guide. Being able to speak two languages including English and Italian fluently.

Mohammad & Elham

Team Member

Mohammad and Elham are a kind couple as well who are expert for providing the Iranian and international dishes.In fact,these people are capable for holding up some training classes in Nargol for the visitors who are enthusiastic about the Iranian salad,beverages and so forth…..


Eshahan is one of the cities of Iran that has numerous monuments of different eras including the pre-Islamic and post-Islamic times..It quasi has a population of 2 million people and the city is 1575 meters above the sea level…The river of Eshahan is unwell-known among the Iranian and is also the longest river(420 km) in Iran which is originated from the Zarkoh mountain and ends to Gavekhoni swamp in the east of Esfahan…

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